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Free tool for Lawyers
List files on Discovery and Codiscovery discs, sticks, and drives using Microsoft Access

Do you ever want to get a list of the files on one or more discs or drives? Now it is easy!

This tool is for you. Learn how it can help you.

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ListFiles for any disc, stick, directory, or drive


ListFile_140921__ACCDB.zip (1 mb, unzips to 3.4 mb)  

Click to see VBA Source Code for ListFile ... made with the Code Documenter

Reads file names and file information into a database for a given path and, optionally, all directories below it.
ListFiles may only be used freely -- you may not modify it and sell it.

Wouldn't it be nice to read the files and print a report showing filenames and file information
for all the electronic information?

ListFiles can give you those reports.

Furthermore, wouldn't it be nice to put that list into Excel where you can add columns
for notes and references?

ListFiles can do that too.

Best to Compile before you run. Look at Relationship diagram and Field Descriptions in each Table Design.

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Video Tutorial

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How To

  1. Load the files into Access -- this is called a Run. After Browsing or pasting a location, click the Load files button button

    Load files into Access

  2. Go to the Report Menu Report Menu button and pick which directories you want listed

    Pick directories to see files for

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  3. Look at reports showing all files in the selected locations.

    Report showing all filenames and file information

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  4. Combine Files from several discs into one compilation report.

    Report showing all files that are the same in different locations

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  5. Create friendly names for each Run so you can tell them apart better ... Smith, Johnson, Williams

    You can assign friendly names to each Run

  6. Write reports to Excel to make it easy to add notes about each file

    Put file information into Excel

thanks to ...

Recursive File listing modified from code witten by Allen Browne
Browser code originally written by Stephan Lebans
APIs written by Dev Ashish
Accessing file property information written by Wayne Phillips

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thank you

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