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Guidance from an expert who understands

Use Access to manage your information better

      Do you need help developing an application to effectively manage information? Connect to an expert. Let's build it together using Microsoft's powerful information management tool in Microsoft Office 365 or Office. Access what you have in a way that is structured and efficient. Learn how Microsoft Access works.

You have the business knowledge

      You have the business knowledge and we have programming skills. When we connect, together we can develop something better than either one of us can do alone. You drive the process each step of the way so that what we create together is exactly what you need.

Convert Data

      Is your data in Excel, Word, or text, or CSV files? No problem -- your information can be converted to a multi-user database that can be shared.


      Use Excel to input data -- whatever is your comfort zone. Filter information for criteria and, if you desire, output what you want to Excel for pivoting, manipulating, calculating, charting ... and then easily distribute files to others.

Link and share

      Do you want to use Excel to share data so that multiple users can see and/or update it? Put your information into a mult-user database and link -- we can help you get that set up.

Data in SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, or something else?

      Is your data in SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, or another system? Would you like to learn how to more easily develop reports and graphs, filtered for what you need?

      Click to get help from a guru

Remote Help from a Guru

      Learn more about Ms Access Gurus. We have been helping folks like you manage information with databases for more than 30 years.

On-site Remote Training

We can also provide on-site remote training for Akron, Akron Junction, Alabama, Alden, Alden Center, Amherst, Angola, Angola Lake Shore Addition, Angola on the Lake, Angola-on-the-Lake, Antones's Mobile Home Park, Appleton, Applewood Mobile Home Estates, Arcade, Arcade Valley Estates Mobile Home Park, Aristo Terrace Mobile Home Park, Armor, Ashwood, Athol Springs, Aurora Mobile Home Park, Bagdad, Balltown, Barker, Basom, Bay View, Beach Ridge, Bellevue, Bennington, Bergholtz, Big Tree, Big Tree Mobile Home Park, Billington Heights, Black Creek Village, Blairville, Blakeley, Blasdell, Blossom, Boston, Boston Hills Estates Mobile Home Park, Bowmansville, Brant, Brick House Corners, Brighton, Brook Gardens Mobile Home Park, Bucyrus Heights, Buffalo, Burt, Bush Gardens Mobile Home Park, Cambria Center, Camp Lakeland, Camp Pioneer, Carefree Park Estates Mobile Home Park, Carlisle Gardens, Carnegie, Cayuga Village Mobile Home Park, Center Corners, Chaffee, Cheektowaga, Cheektowasa, Circle B 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