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MS Access Gurus provide expert training and help you build solutions using Microsoft® Access, Excel, and other products.

Did you answer "Yes" to any of these questions?

The way I help the best is by empowering YOU, which enables you to get raises and more respect from your peers.

I know several other experts with different knowledge, resources, and ways of working if you don't also want to learn, or you have a project I am not the best to help you with.

I believe that you should have total control with something as critical as your information. That is we connect and build your database, spreadsheet, and more, together. Each step of the way, you get understanding and help guide the process. This ensures that what is done is what you need. Together, we build powerful applications that meet and surpass your business needs. At first, I do more of the work. We discuss everything as it is being done. As you learn, you also take the reins. By connecting and working together, you always have access to your information when you need it — and you are not left in the cold if a developer packs up and moves on.

When you need help and also want to understand what is done, talk to an MS Access Guru.