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"Thank You"s

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My Thanks

There are a lot of thanks on this page and I wish to add mine:

    Thank you to the wonderful folks who take the time to say "Thank You" and make my day a little brighter by sharing their happiness

    Thank you to the countless users who ask challenging questions and inspire a quest for answers.

    Thank you to my fellow MVPs and forum friends, who forge paths and illuminate.

    Thank you Microsoft for developing outstanding products and giving us ways to exchange information with you and each other ... and, among other things, for the multitude of Forums, Blogs, Chats, Newsgroups, Webcasts, and more at the Microsoft Technical Communities and the new MSDN Database Design Forum

    Ever stumped for an answer and find exactly what you need on the internet ? Thanks for numerous free public forums that are privately hosted where we learn, teach, interact, search, ... and for the kind-hearted folks who give them to us ...

Bill Mosca (great HowTo's & explanations, awesome teacher, amazing patience and wit, side-splitting funny writer) for MS Access Professionals – a Yahoo Technical Group
Access World Forums
Experts Exchange Forum
Tek-Tips Forum
Bytes Forum
Stack Overflow Forum
Bill Jelen for the MrExcel Forum and the seemingly endless stream of great Excel videos and the MrExcel Forum
Mike Girvin for thousands of awesome ExcelisFun Video Tutorials
... and the list goes on ...

    Thank you for gifted geniuses like Allen Browne (brilliant and immensely kind) and Stephen Lebans (who does what *can't* be done) and Jon Peltier (the charting master) who host sites containing vast knowledge and impressive code.

    Thank you to Arvin Meyer and Dev Asish, Terry Kreft, and Ken Getz (whose code is still a toolkit "must") for and The Access Web and Arvin for and even more downloads

    Thanks to those who take time to write blogs like
Jack Leach, Daniel Pineault, Anders Ebro, Boyd Trimmel, Tony Toews, Alex Dybenko, Garry Robinson, George Hepworth, Glenn Lloyd, Tom Archer, The Access Team, MSDN Blogs, Armen Stein, Oliver Stohr

    Thanks to...