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names, addresses, phones, emails, websites, lists, notes, attachments
plus about 80 tables you can customize for your business

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(6.7 mb, unzips to 3 Access databases (FE, Sample BE, Blank BE), Attachments Directory, Icon file, and Sound file)  

While learning, unzip everything to the same folder. Open the .accdb database file with _FE_ in the filename.
The Admin form will open because it doesn't know who you are.
Once you configure yourself, you will open to the Contacts form.

Click HERE to jump to Adrian's instructions in the video on how to download and configure yourself as a user.

For Developers

Basic Relationships Diagram

... a little old but not much has changed -- this diagram has comments

More Complete Relationships Diagrams

  1. rel_141020_1--.jpg
  2. rel_141020_2--.jpg

Source Code

Click to see VBA Source Code for Contacts ... made with the Code Documenter

Names, Addresses, Phones, Email Addresses, Websites, Lists, Notes Attachments, and more

After you learn how to use contacts with the sample Back End:

  1. rename or move Contacts_be_14mmdd.accdb (where mmdd is month-day in numbers)
  2. Rename the BLANK Back End to have _BE_ in the name so the Contacts front end will use that back end instead.
  3. Enter your contact information

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Video Tutorials

CLICK the ARROW in the middle of each image to watch the videos

Introduction to the Contact template

Projects, Tasks, and Time

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Use the Contact Template to track:

  • Names of People and Companies
  • Addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Websites
  • Lists
  • Projects
  • Tasks
  • Time
  • Notes
  • Attachments
  • and more.


The contact database template may only be used freely -- you may not modify it and sell it. You may include it in applications you develop for clients provided you pass on the download link and share the source code and designs with your modifications to contact objects.


This is not a shallow template. I even put my User Manager* in there as well as my Relinker and other features that the contact program alone does not need but will be needed when the application is expanded.

* the User Manager is why there is a configuration process when the contact template is first opened. Once you set yourself up, when you Save & Close to open the contacts form, you will be welcomed with a short sound clip. I also put a web browser control in there to view video tutorials :) There is a Bing Map button by the Address information. It was easy to put in and most everyone really likes it :)

You can attach notes and files all over the place and ultimately correlate them to each contact. For those of you paying attention in the video, you'll notice I clicked on the wrong Notes icon ... so I did not demonstrate creating a note relevent to the Task instead of the Project.

This template is not just for contacts ... I put careful thought into many table designs that standard businesses need. Empty table structures and relationships for lots of common needs are in there too. Comments are sprinkled more liberally than I do for just myself in the code.

It is my hope that this template will get you on the right foot with Access. You will not find a more powerful or flexible place to manage your data on the desktop. Even if your data is in the cloud, you still manage it from your desktop or device.

Almost every application I build has contact information -- this database has provisions to hook into other applications.

If you want to be part of the development team, email to info at msAccessGurus.com

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Thanks To

Adrian Bell
Allen Browne
Dev Ashish
Wayne Phillips
... and many more!

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I spent hundreds of hours developing this template -- please donate so I can continue to freely share. Thank you.

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