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Access Videos

List of free video tutorials on YouTube that teach you about Microsoft Access

LearnAccessByCrystal YouTube channel
  • all but one video have subtitles / captions -- click "cc" below the video to read the spoken words as they are said.
    Hmmm, I notice that some of the older caption files need to be redone -- they weren't apparently transferred when things changed with YouTube ... another back-burner project ... you can try your luck with the auto-captions if you need them ~
  • many of the videos have downloads you can get ... read the video description for download, and other referenced, links.

Microsoft Access Video INDEX

Although quite a few of these videos are for versions of Access older than what you may be using, they still have value because the basics don't change. These videos teach you how, and explain the logic. List is sorted from newest at the top, to oldest at the bottom ... even though many build on the last one. And in case you are wondering ... yes, I am still adding notes* ~ and will add new videos as I post them (am producing another one now)

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Analog Clock Call Excel Clock Excel Worksheet function Move Lines on form with Timer Timer UDF use Excel in a Query Wrapper Function

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Playlist: Learn Access By Crystal This is a sequential list of videos for learning Access.
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2018-05-12 Analog Clock with Moving Hands + Sounds in Access 4:28 Analog Clock in Access! Optionally, you can also play a sound as each second ticks by.
download Clock.
2018-04-16 Wrapper Function that Calls Excel for Query in Access 13:25 Wrapper Function to call Excel so you can get results in a query.
Calculate payments for loan offer information stored in a table. In a query, you can define a column with a calculated field that calls a wrapper function to use Excel's PMT function. The values for fields and calculated fields are passed. Display columns in Color using Format. Use VBA to do the magic, and understand each statement in the code as it is explained.
2018-04-07 Use Excel's PMT function in Access! 15:47 Use Excel worksheet functions in an Access form.
What Excel has, Access can use. See a form in Access that collects data and then uses Excel's PMT function. Just click the "Calculate" button, and voila! As a user, you have no idea that Access just went out to Excel to do a calculation. VBA can reference Excel, and use what it has. Late-binding. Form Unload. Object variables. With... End With. Validate data so if required information is missing, the user gets a message, is then placed where data needs to be filled, and code processing stops.
download Excel PMT Calculator in Access. Read article.
2018-02-20 Create custom functions in Access using VBA 10:45 Write a custom function in VBA ... user-defined function, or UDF.
Use your new function in a query. If you can create a complex expression, then you also have the logic to write VBA too -- give it a try! Use the Debug, or Immediate, Window to explore dates ... and 'convert' them to numbers (they already are -- but see dates displayed as a number too). Read article.
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2017-12-01 Synchronize List Box in Access using SQL and VBA 10:35 Modify SQL with VBA.
If you have never written code or looked at an SQL statement before, no problem! ... give it a try. Many doors open to cool things.
Learn how to synchronize a list box (or combo box, since they are similar) to dynamic data on a form ... such as showing list of orders for the active customer. Read article1. Read article2
2017-11-09 Subform to show Calculations in Microsoft Access 10:32 Use a subform to show calculations.
In depth look at a subform control that shows the sum of orders and payments for a customer. Explore properties and see how to aggregate, get statistics, and synchronize results for your data. Calculations are in an underlying query that feeds the Record Source of the subform, which is linked to the mainform using Link Master Fields and Link Child Fields. Additional properties: Source Object, Name, Width, Height, Top, Left, Border Color, Border Style, Special Effect, Visible, Locked, and Enabled. Read article.
2017-10-15 Mainform + Subforms for Payments 8:38 Mainform + Subforms.
Mainform collects payment information for customer purchases. See how subforms and listboxes are used to dynamically show calculated data based on information displayed on the main form. Enter key behavior setting in the Access Options. Anchoring. Read article.
2017-09-17 What is a Combo Box? Microsoft Access 11:25 Combo boxes are a fantastic way to show meaningful information
whilst actually storing something that may be cryptic to the human eye. A combo box is a combination of a list box and a text box. Learn how to change a textbox control into a combo box.
Properties: Name, Row Source, Column Count, Column Widths, List Width, Column Heads, Status Bar Text. Read article.
2017-07-27 How to Create Calendar Reports from Access Queries ... as shareable Web Pages - easy! 8:57 Do you have data with dates?
See how easy it is to show your data on a calendar with a free tool you can download. Use a query to line up your data, and then presto! Calendar! Read article.
2017-07-09 Access Query - Triangles, Circles, Compare Previous Stock Price 11:19
2017-06-17 Bar Graphs in Access Query using Unicode 6:53
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2016-10-19 Access -- Polish Reports 25:01
2016-09-08 Grouped Report using Wizard in Access then Modify 16:53
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2015-06-09 How To Migrate Data from Desktop to Access App 32:35
2015-01-28 How To Make Video Captions, Free Microsoft Access Tool 6:59
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2014-12-09 Learn Access -6- Create a Continuous (Multiple Items) Form in Microsoft Access 28:02 Lesson 6. Create a Continuous form, or Multiple Items form, to display many records at a time. Modify, add, name, select, align, resize, and best-fit controls. Switch between Form and Design Views. Property Sheet. Change textbox to combo box, hide first column, set the RowSource using query designer. Field descriptions are Status Bar Text. Shift-F2 for Zoom box. Import QAT. Write VBA. Tracking fields with the date/time record added and edited.
download Contact Template
QAT customization files: 2010 .
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music by April Kelly, "Blow Me Away", songs, new
2014-10-21 Projects, Tasks, and Time in contact Template for Microsoft Access 03:25
2014-10-12 Access Contact Template
Contact Management System, CMS
30:43 Shows free Contact Template download for Access with tables for names, addresses, phones, emails, websites, lists, notes, attachments, plus about 80 tables you can customize for your business and personal needs. Also has several forms, reports, and a report menu that processes criteria. Uses VBA. The contact template is a split application, with front-end and back-end, and a folder below for referenced files. It is meant for teaching and is also a useful application you can customize.
download Contact Template
music by Ken Gaines, "Pride of the Morning", "Razzmatazz"
2014-09-21 Tool: ListFiles tool using Lawyer example 7:54
2014-08-14 How To Make a Graph with Microsoft Access 7:44
2014-08-12 Tool and Code: Manipulate Graphs in Microsoft Access using VBA 22:05
2014-07-31 Learn Access -5- Modify Data Structure 4:11 music by Melanie Phippard, "Malibu Barbie"
2014-06-12 Tool: Analyzer for Microsoft Access 5:50 music by Mark Davis, "Beacons"
2014-05-29 Tool: Document Query Calculated Fields 4:09 music by JD Live, Slade
2014-02-25 Tool: Channel Tracker 2:19 music by Jubal Lee Young, "One and One Is One"
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2014-01-30 Office App Store: JavaScript API Tutorial for Office using Excel 2013 15:16 music by Jubal Lee Young, "Greed Is The Creed" w/band, solo
2013-07-07 Learn Access -4- Tables and Relationships 36:05 music by JD Live, Colors of the Lonely
2013-01-01 Access: Fill Missing Value, Tracking field 2:29
2013-01-01 Access: Filter By Selection 1:03
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2012-12-18 Access Defaults ... take a tour ... 16:21
2012-12-18 Access - Requery a Query Shortcut 1:21
2012-12-16 PowerPoint: Change Slide Number 0:58
2012-12-16 PowerPoint: Apply Theme from Another Presentation - Document Screenshots 1:05
2012-12-16 Get Path and Filename for Access, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint 2:58
2012-12-16 Word: Figure Captions, Azure Management Portal, Table of Figures 3:20
2012-12-16 Access QAT (Quick Access Toolbar): Alignment Icons 2:57 Customize the QAT and show it below the ribbon. To make it really fast to line up controls when designing forms and reports, add icons to align them. Other useful commands are ordering (bring to front, send to back), grouping and ungrouping, changing views, ... and the list goes on.
2012-12-15 Word: Create Table from Text, Table of Tables 3:50
2012-09-22 Add Save As Icon to QAT
captions in English, Français, Dutch, and Deutsch
2:15 QAT. Add SaveAs to the Quick Access Toolbar to make saving with a new name faster and more efficient. For instance, modify a query and quickly save it with a new name. Try this in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint too!
2012-09-14 How to Insert Foreign and Special Characters -- Deutsch, English 2:28
2012-08-02 Tip: Enforce Referential Integrity (RI) on Access Relationships 3:13
2012-04-02 Convert VLOOKUP equations to Access, by Crystal -- VLOOKUP Week 23:42
2012-03-30 Excel VLOOKUP to Calculate Distances using Latitude & Longitude, by Crystal -- VLOOKUP Week 15:06
2012-01-29 Crystal's Code Documenter - Free Utility for Access 2007 and 2010 12:26
2012-01-02 Learn Access -3- Build a Database -- music by David Bailey 8:01 music by David M. Bailey, "One More Day"
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2011-06-11 Access Utilities: Simil Fuzzy String Matching by Tom van Stiphout, VBA -- English, Dutch, French 9:58
2011-02-23 Access Utilities: Tony's Auto FE Updater 7:05
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2009-11-02 Access 2010: Outlook-Style Calendar in Browser, by Albert Kallal 6:54
2009-06-09 Learn Access -2.C- Planning Fields and Relationships -- English, French -- music by Mark Davis 10:00 music by Mark Davis, "Broken Ground"
2009-03-10 Learn Access -2.B- Planning Database Fields 9:59 music by Ken Gaines, "Pool", Live performances, YouTube channel
2009-02-17 VBA -- Winner by Random Draw 6:16
2009-02-13 Learn Access -2.A- Planning Design -- English French Portugese 9:28 music by Jubal Lee Young, "I Don't Know What I Want"
2009-01-27 Learn Access -1- Perspective -- English, French, Portugese 9:46 music by Doug Clark Steiger, "These Hands", Play Album

video production notes

All these videos were recorded and produced with Camtasia, by TechSmith. Graphics done with Snagit, PowerPoint, and Paint. Animation is usually done by Camtasia or PowerPoint. PowerPoint presentations and screen demos are recorded with Camtasia using 1280x720, 30 fps (might change to 24 = lowest for HD - high definition). Audio sampling rate is usually 44,100, edited with GoldWave, and produced at 512 kbps. Final production is then produced in MP4 or MOV (bigger file, better quality, not as universally rendered) format. Captions are done separately and use my free Access Caption File application.

thanks for the music

* special thanks to the talented musicians who have generously allowed their music to be shared here, and do what they were born to do, despite how hard it can be in this age ... time for another renaissance? If you like the music, perhaps you will let the artists know? and support them? What creative things can you do, that you enjoy doing? Your gifts are to share with others ...

Learn Access on GoSkills

Here is a 40-lesson course to teach you how to build an application with Microsoft Access. These lessons are on GoSkills. Not free, but not much either. To get a price of 69 for 12 months of access (to Access), click here for special price -- but sometimes the price is even better, so watch for sales around the holidays. GoSkills also has other courses you may be interested in. Click here for the Access course outline. Note the "Try it!" button to preview lessons for free ... there are 3 of them. In addition to the video, most of the lessons have a start and end download database, all have a "Quick Reference" with terminology and steps, and all have a quiz you can take to test your knowledge. The "Transcript" tab shows a written script of the spoken words. Captions are highlighted as each video is played when they are said.

How much time? On average, plan 2 hours per lesson ... so 80 hours for the course -- don't put off starting! Plan a couple hours a week to study. Watch. Then do it yourself, and watch again, pausing as needed. Best to only use the download databases to check your work. Sometimes there will be other download files such as data to import. Each lesson builds on what you have learned already. Take the quizzes and read the extra information. Get a solid foundation for building Access applications.

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