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Clock in Access

Display a clock in Access with hands that move!
and, if you want, a sound that plays as each second ticks!

Clock form

Clock in Access


Download Access database application with form that displays an analog clock with hands that move. Folder with sound (WAV) files is included in case you want a sound to play each time the second ticks.

(240K, unzips to 570 kb ACCDB Access database + 100 kb folder containing 8 Wav files)  

Be sure to save the accdb file from the zip as its own file, as well as the Wav files. Access doesn't work right from inside a zip file.

This Tool may only be used freely -- you may modify it, but not sell it, or use its ideas to make or change a commercial product. Please share your modifications back to the community. Thanks!

Move Lines

Change Top, Left, Width, Height, and Line Slant properties to position lines

Calculate coordinates for the line depending on the angle, which depends on the hand being moved, and the current time. Then translate the calculated coordinates to form properties. See how it work, if you want to, ... or just download and use it.

To display an analog clock, all you need to do is open the form! The code behind the form does the rest ~


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